Frequently Asked Questions

What is BonSavor Foods?
BonSavor Foods, LLC, was founded by a group of passionate individuals from the baking industry who wanted to share their favorite flatbreads with you.
I have eaten tortillas for many years, but BonSavor is a flatbread company. What is the difference?
BonSavor is a producer of many delicious flatbreads for meals and snacks, and tortillas are just one of our product offerings. You should also try our delicious pita and naan flatbreads!

Nutrition, Food Ingredients, Allergens & Packaging

Why is there a “Good to Know” message on each of your flatbread packages?
Our flatbreads are produced with the highest quality standards and taste great! We also want to share with you that there are additional benefits to eating our delicious flatbreads.
Do any of your flatbreads contain aluminum-based ingredients?
No. None of our flatbreads contain aluminum-based ingredients because of possible health concerns.
Do any of your products contain any of the 8 major allergens?
Yes. Our flour tortillas, wraps, pita and naan contain wheat.
Do any BonSavor Foods flatbreads contain Cholesterol?
No, our flatbreads are Cholesterol Free.
Are BonSavor flatbreads gluten free?
Our corn tortillas are produced from corn flour and are gluten free. However, our products are not produced in a certified gluten-free factory
Do any of BonSavor flatbreads contain milk ingredients?
No, BonSavor flatbreads contain no milk ingredients.
Do any BonSavor flatbreads contain soy ingredients?
Our naan and pita contain soy oil, which is not considered to be an allergen in the processed oil form.
Likewise, the shortening that we use for our tortillas and wraps contains soybean oil, which is not considered to be an allergen in the processed oil form.
Are there any wheat ingredients in the corn products?
No, our corn products are produced from corn flour and do not contain any wheat based ingredients. However, they are produced in a factory that handles wheat.
Are there any concerns with your corn tortillas containing gluten?
While our corn products do not have wheat or gluten as ingredients, they are produced in facilities that produce wheat products. Corn tortillas are produced on dedicated production lines under a strict allergen control program.
Do any of your products contain ingredients from animal sources?
We source all our ingredients from reputable companies with very high quality standards and to the best of our knowledge, none of the ingredients used in our products are derived from animals.
What is the source of mono- and di- glycerides listed on the ingredients of flour tortillas?
Mono- and di- glycerides are vegetable-based.
Do any BonSavor flatbreads contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)?
No. There is no Monosodium Glutamate in our products.
Why do BonSavor flatbreads contain preservatives?
Preservatives are used to ensure that you get safe, fresh, quality products anywhere in the country.
Does BonSavor Foods use partially-hydrogenated oils?
All our products contain zero trans-fat per serving. We do use partially-hydrogrenated soybean oil in our tortillas/wraps, however, the percent of hydrogenation is so low per serving that the amount of trans-fat is zero per packaging claims requirements.
Are BonSavor products Kosher?
Not yet. We are working to obtain Kosher certifications for our products.
How long can your flatbreads last at room temperature after I buy them?
Before the bags are opened, our flatbreads can be kept at ambient temperature through the “best by” date printed on the package.
After opening the bags, it is recommended that you refrigerate the flatbreads to maintain product safety and quality.
Generally, our flatbreads in unopened bags can be frozen for several months, and thawed before using.
Are BonSavor Foods plastic bags recyclable?
Our bags are made of LDPE (4) and can be recycled according to international standards. More information on the uses of LDPE and the location of recycling centers can be found on the internet.

Questions, compliments or concerns?

If I have any other questions regarding BonSavor Foods’ products, where do I go to get answers?
You can first browse our very informative website, email us at info@bonsavorfoods.com or call us at 1 (855) 385-1818.
How can I find out information about job opportunities with BonSavor Foods?
Please email us at info@bonsavorfoods.com